It's time to Strive.

Strive helps parents teach kids about the future of money with our smart, safe, and cute piggy banks designed to work with your preferred crypto wallet.


Chores, goals, rewards and more

Download our free app

Create a profile for each child, setup their account and link a wallet to each child. If you haven't done this before - no stress! - we're here to help get you started and your order will include free setup if you need us.

Sync to your wallet

Once you've downloaded our app and created each childs profile it's time to sync your wallet. If you haven't done this before - no stress - our friendly team are here to help get you started whenever you need us!

Watch your balance grow

Whilst there's no guarantee's in life, and this is not financial advice, we do believe that if you save small amounts regularly into Bitcoin and Ethereum over time this could peform well. Please consider your own risk appetite.

This little piggy returns.

Strive originally launched as GoSave and shipped units to customers around the world before being acquired by Strive and turned from regular old piggy bank into a crypto piggy bank. With all tooling, software, apps and development complete we're now just updating the tech and operating system and getting ready to deliver soon.

We had one of the first GoSave piggy banks and excited to see this relaunch as Strive with a new focus and finally linking to a real currency.

Adam, dad of 2, UK

The future of money is exciting, scary, and challenging but a piggy bank that teaches the basics - sign me up!

Matt, Dad of 3, US

It’s definitely a toy I would recommend for anyone wanting to help their kids learn the fundamentals about budgeting and saving. Just make sure you have the space (and money!) for it